20215 Woodbine, Queensville, ON L0G 1R0
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About us

At Jacx we serve real and authentic Italian cuisine that has a great variety of different ingredients which are commonly used to make an authentic Italian food dishes, ranging from fresh vegetables and fruits, plenty of variety sauces, meats and more, Everything at Jacx Restaurant is a food dishes that are made by unique combination of Italian and Canadian ingredients, with the authenticity of Seafood which is naturally-raised. It has a wide and an all-embracing menu that promises to tantalize your taste buds to the fullest.  

         Our produce, cheese, meat, and seafood is naturally-raised, organic, or sustainable whenever possible and is sourced from local growers. We've assembled a wine list from around the world with a particular focus on small production vintners who practice sustainable viticulture - making wine in a way which is economically viable, socially supportive and ecologically sound.

            A new restaurant often makes us wonder, ‘What’s so special about it? What is it that makes it different from the rest in the town?’ Our platters like all the food dishes made with many different ingredients like fish, corn, potatoes, rice pork and different types of sausages and cheeses.

 We try our best to encourage local producers like us. This enables us to procure the freshest of ingredients, which in turn helps us to maintain and serve that authentic and special taste every time you visit Jacx. The menu offers vivid and wide-ranging variations of your favorite old school dishes that make the ‘Jacx Experience’ so special and unforgettable.